The last few months were hard, figuring out how to pace myself with writing. I like to think that with every book I write, I learn a little more about myself. I find myself learning more about my thought processes, about my characterizations, and about the future that I want myself to have as a writer.

I want to be better. I want to do better.

Because of this, the fire in my belly seems to be burning hotter every day, and I can't ignore the itching desire to just make more, to write until my hands fall off.

At 12:00am "Between Bloody Lips" will be released, and I can only hope that you guys love it as much as I loved writing it (even when I wanted to kill it.)

If you want to grab a preorder/download a copy of "Between Bloody Lips" you still have time!

Or, if you want the chance to win a signed set of "The Valentino Family" Series, you can register for on rafflecopter today. 

Thank you all for your support this last year—it means the world to me.

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