Coming Soon

Long Live the Queen

Book Three: The Mistress 

Book Four: The Queen

The Valentino Family

Book 3: Of Bruised Skin (working title)

Phoenix Forgeries

Book 2: Phoenix Flies

Book 3: Phoenix Burns 

Book 4: Phoenix Reborn

Omegas in...

Omegas in Power (Grayson & Zack) 

Omegas in Need (Nate & Justin) 

Omegas in Chains (Sebastian & Michel) 

Omegas in Eden (Matthew & Thomas) 

Omegas in Paint (Lucian & Jason) 

Omegas in Crowns (Marco & Dustin) 

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The last few months were hard, figuring out how to pace myself with writing. I like to think that with every book I write, I learn a lit...

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