Omegas in Power


Omegas in Power: A Non-Shifter MM Romance

Grayson Valins should have the world at his feet. Born to one of the wealthiest families in Seattle, Grayson was raised exactly as a Valins heir should be: sharp as a tack, witty, charming, and powerful.

He was the ideal son—until he presented as an omega.

Now he's barely holding on to the threads of his father's empire, watching the vultures circling overhead. If he makes a mistake with the Felder and Sons merger and acquisition, it's game over.

If he doesn't get married, either... that's just as bad.


Zack Felder's in over his head. After the tragic death of his older brother, Zack has no choice but to put his music career on hold and head back home to handle the family's affairs. The family business is drowning, and Zack isn't sure what to do.

So, when the older and wildly attractive Grayson Valins offers him a deal—a fake marriage in exchange for saving his family's legacy—how could Zack ever deny that?

But what happens when emotions get tangled and a good business deal turns into something much more potent?

Omegas in Power is a stand-alone HEA 72,000 word novel with a buff, snarky omega businessman and a sensitive, passionate alpha musician. Warnings for mentions of off-screen child abuse and grief.

A Rough Two Years

 I'll just say this: It's good to be back.

I'm terrible about talking about my feelings, but I'll start out by thanking you all for sticking with me and with my writing over the last three years. 

This year and last year were tough ones for us all, and I think that it's taught me a lot about what kind of person I am and who I want to be in the future. More than anything, this last year has given me the chance to become a stronger, more passionate writer, and knowing that I have been able to bring any of you joy through my writing has brought me so much joy. 

I won't make promises—the world is difficult, and I don't want to disappoint anyone—but I hope that starting now I'll be able to bring more stories and happiness into the world.

We all need something to get us through the rough patches. 



Omegas in Power

  Omegas in Power: A Non-Shifter MM Romance Grayson Valins should have the world at his feet.  Born to one of the wealthiest families in Sea...