The Princess

"I may not have a crown, but I am still a queen. I will bend my neck for no one."
A dark, powerful, sensual story about the birth of a Queen from the ashes of annihilation.

The Kingdom of Archimes has fallen, its technology destroyed and land left barren, leaving the only living members of the royal family caught under the thumb of their new tyrannical King. 

Former Princess Lucrecia Archimes has been stripped of her family, her kingdom, her title, and her dignity. Promised to King Matis in exchange for the life of her youngest brother— a price she is willing to pay, though her stomach curdles at the thought of his hands on her and his child growing inside her— Lucrecia wonders how long she can last locked inside the prison she once called home.

But the bars on her cage are shaken when Leo Vincit, King Matis’s trusted knight, bends his branded neck to her. Who is he? And why does he call her his Queen?

Lucrecia must learn what true power is— in more ways than one— and her loyal knight is more than willing to help.

Long live the Queen.

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